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Alphabet 26 Peg Bundle

Alphabet 26 Peg Bundle

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These pegs are handpainted solid beech wood and approximately 7cm tall. Each character corresponds with a letter of the alphabet, painted in lower case. I do not hold these items in stock and they are made to order. All letters are minimalist in design to showcase the grain of the wood and to reduce the painting time in order to represent better value. Capital letters can be painted on request and should you wish to substitute any characters, please drop me a message. 

a- astronaut, b- bear, c- cat, d- dog, e- elephant, f- frog, g-goat, h- horse, i- iguana, j- jellyfish, k- King, l- lion, m- monkey, n- nurse, o- octopus, p- pirate, q- Queen, r- rabbit, s- snake, t- tiger, u- unicorn (umbrella), v- vet, w- wolf, x- x ray, y- yak, z- zebra

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