About Us

Hello there, greetings from Planet Peg! I am Hayley, Mum to two gorgeous boys and hundreds of little wooden peg people! In a previous life (before having children) I was a Primary School Teacher and Early Years Professional. I have a real passion for early education, promoting imaginative play and creating things that are cute!

Painting pegs started out as a hobby to enhance my own provision whilst working as a Childminder alongside looking after my boys. When lockdown finished and both boys had started school, I officially gave up Childminding and moved to Planet Peg full time with the aim of turning my hobby into a little business...and here we are!

Planet Peg is located in my little home studio in Staffordshire and apart from the occasional Post Office run by my husband, everything from start to finish is done with love by me. My dolls are all UKCA certified and hand painted in non-toxic paint and sealant, making them perfect for little hands. Although they are designed for play, they also make lovely decorations and generally spread a little happiness to anyone and everyone with an imagination.